White Bean, Spinach, & Sweet Potato Burrito

Wanting a quick, but tasty and healthy dinner one night, I decided to throw together some white beans, sauteed spinach, and sweet potato with some garnishes and sauces and came up with this creation. It was a wonderful combination and the cilantro, salsas, and sour cream helped to finish out the flavors.

White Bean, Spinach, & Sweet Potato Burrito

1 cup cooked white beans
2 cups sauteed spinach
1 cooked sweet potato, peeled and sliced
vegan sour cream
red salsa
tomatillo salsa

This can be made with any variety of cooked white beans. I used navy beans in this recipe but cannellini beans work nice as well. Warm your tortillas and add the spinach, white beans, and sweet potato slices. Add cilantro, sour cream, and salsas and wrap tightly. Garnish the top with cilantro and serve immediately.

Adding some salsa, tomatillo salsa, and vegan sour cream
The finished burrito!

4 responses to “White Bean, Spinach, & Sweet Potato Burrito”

  1. These look great. Do you season the sweet potato, beans or spinach ? Also, do you think these would freeze well ?