Hummus, tomato, & basil pizza

After hearing about an amazing hummus vegan pizza from a now defunct Canadian restaurant, I decided to try my hand at this hummus-style pizza. Instead of using vegan cheese or even red sauce, I slathered the base of a cornmeal store-bought crust, with homemade pesto. Then I generously spread store-bought hummus as my “cheese” over the pesto. I topped it with slices of roma tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. I baked the pizzas according to the directions on the pizza crust package (probably at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, if memory serves me correctly).

It was a filling meal (even just one or two slices) and the tomato and basil toppings were a nice counterbalance to the chickpeas and pesto base. Since I’ve had this, I have even requested hummus on a thick crust at a local bar with even more tantalizing results (which I’ll blog about in the future). The crust helps make all the difference. This pie was great, in part, because of the thicker, tasty cornmeal crust. I will definitely make this again in different variations and would recommend it to any hummus lovers or those wanting to branch out of the normal “cheesy” pizzas. May the hummus-pizza revolution begin!

Hummus, tomato, & basil pizza
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5 responses to “Hummus, tomato, & basil pizza”

  1. Looks and sounds awesome, and won’t tax my cooking abilities…I’m going to try it this week! 🙂

  2. I also love hummus pizza! There’s a local place that makes a great one and I have to admit I had a leftover slice for breakfast this morning. No regrets.

  3. Wow, hummus on pizza. I had no idea. How could I have been missing this! It sure beats eating hummus out of the container on a spoon at 8 o’clock at night — ha! Thanks for this post — I’m looking forward to the faux creaminess it should bring to the pizza! 🙂