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  • Pizza Brain

    One of the best things about originally being from New Jersey and having lived in Philadelphia as well, is knowing good pizza. The Philly/NJ/NYC area has many great Italian restaurants and pizzerias that I deeply miss when I’m in any other part of the country. So whenever we are back in NJ or Philly visiting […]

  • Hummus, tomato, & basil pizza

    After hearing about an amazing hummus vegan pizza from a now defunct Canadian restaurant, I decided to try my hand at this hummus-style pizza. Instead of using vegan cheese or even red sauce, I slathered the base of a cornmeal store-bought crust, with homemade pesto. Then I generously spread store-bought hummus as my “cheese” over […]

  • Good Groceries Review – Watkins Glen, NY

    Watkins Glen is a good 45 minutes or so from my house, so if I’m traveling there, I’m out to make it worthwhile. The main reason for my most recent trip to Watkins Glen was to stop at Good Groceries, a natural foods grocery store that has been around since 1999. I wanted to pick […]

  • Merge Review – Buffalo, NY

    We recently went to Niagara Falls for our 1 year wedding anniversary. On the way, we stopped in Buffalo, NY to eat at Merge. Merge is a very vegan-friendly restaurant that I had heard good things about. Making a decision on what to eat was difficult. I ordered the following: Fuji Apple white wine (from […]