Vegan Quesadillas

Another simple and quick lunch idea that I make on occasion are vegan quesadillas. Using Daiya cheese (and in this meal, I opted for the new pepperjack flavor), you can get the desired melt factor one typically thinks of with quesadillas.

It is very easy to make. Throw a tortilla (I usually use whole wheat) onto a heated frying pan and allow it to melt a little. I put some black olives and banana peppers on this one (although it’s not necessary). Then throw another tortilla on top, allowing it to bind a bit to the cheese, then flip it over, warm on that side a few minutes and it’s done!

I then like to put it on a plate, cut it into 8 sections like a pizza pie, and serve with salsa and Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream. Instant success!

Quesadilla cooking
Quesadilla with vegan sour cream & salsa
The money shot