Raw Zucchini Spaghetti & Tomato-Basil Marinara

Several years ago, I had the unique experience of learning more about raw foods from a friend of mine. She introduced me to green smoothies and a host of other nutritional, fresh, and stimulating raw recipes. To this day, one of my favorite go-to recipes (especially in the summer) is for raw zucchini spaghetti with tomato-basil marinara.

My friend CJ Cantrell posted this recipe on her blog Use the Advantage (which was originally from Nicole at New Leaf Nutrition). When I make this dish, I don’t always use the dates. It tastes fine without them. Additionally, a cheap spiralizer can be purchased online for around $20 (more or less). If you’re into this meal as much as I am, you’ll find it is a worthwhile purchase!

When serving the meal, I frequently serve it with a crusty French or Italian garlic bread and/or a green salad.

Zucchini pasta with marinara, garlic bread, and Cucumber & Chickpea Salad

You’ll find the recipe for my Cucumber & Chickpea Salad here. If you omit the bread, this meal is instantly gluten-free as well.

I give this recipe a solid 5 out of 5 carrots on my veganlicious scale!