Quinoa Tofu Stuffed Peppers & Corn Off the Cob Salad

One night in the not-too-distant past, I asked my husband to make dinner. He was on his own completely to make something using the ingredients in our refrigerator from our CSA that week. He came up with a menu of quinoa tofu stuffed peppers from the Savvy Vegetarian and this simple corn off the cob with tomato & basil salad from the NY Times. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the creativity, but I was also impressed with the great taste and mouth feel of these dishes. I have never thought to have corn, fresh from the cob, as its own base for a salad. I also rarely think to stuff peppers, but am always grateful for a creative, meatless stuffed pepper dish.

Quinoa tofu stuffed yellow pepper
Quinoa tofu stuffed red pepper

Corn off the cob salad with tomato and basil

My husband liked both of these dishes but really loved the corn off the cob salad! He rated the salad a strong 4 1/2 carrots and the stuffed peppers around 3 1/2 carrots.
The overall rating for this meal is 4 out of 5 carrots on the veganlicious scale!

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