Late Summer Chili

VeganMoForectangle12orangeWith the cooler temperatures creeping up on us lately, it has put me in the mood for chili season. Trying to warm us up and incorporate some veggies we got in our CSA, I created this spicy and protein-packed chili! Including white beans (i.e. navy beans here) gives the chili another dimension that chili-lovers should try. I call this chili “late summer” chili, as I used several veggies we already had on hand for the season, but feel free to include any veggies that would be suitable in your refrigerator or garden.

Late Summer Chili
2 cups kidney beans (canned or cooked dried beans)
2 cups navy beans (canned or cooked dried beans)
2 summer squash, medium dice
1 green pepper, chopped
1 onion, medium dice
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 can of crushed tomatoes (24 oz.)
1 jar or can of whole peeled tomatoes (18 oz.), chopped
chili powder, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste
a pinch or two of cayenne pepper (or to taste), optional
1-2 TB olive oil

In a large stockpot, heat up the olive oil and sauté the green pepper, onion, and garlic until they have softened. To add flavor early, also toss in some chili powder with the veggies. Add the summer squash and sauté until slightly softened. Add the beans, whole peeled tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes, making sure to add more chili powder after each ingredient, mixing well. Let the chili simmer and cover for approximately 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper towards to end and cayenne pepper, if using. Cook 5-10 minutes more. Serve and top with your favorite vegan cheddar cheese, if desired.

This was an amazing chili and quite spicy. It was also a wonderful way to use up my summer squash and provide another texture to the chili.

I served it with a mixed green salad and crusty sourdough bread. Divine!

Late Summer Chili
Late Summer Chili