Gentle Gourmet Cafe, Paris, France

We had the pleasure of spending our two year wedding anniversary in Paris while on a family vacation. We went off on our own to explore the city and I was determined to eat at vegetarian or vegan establishments on this day. Luckily for me, I was able to find a plethora of reviews and options on a French website devoted to veg-eating in Paris called V-G-Zone. It is really THE website for anyone seeking vegetarian, vegan, or just veg-friendly restaurants in the city of lights. Highly recommended!

I read some wonderful HappyCow reviews of the all-vegan Gentle Gourmet Cafe online, so we decided to try them for lunch on our anniversary. We were impressed the minute we walked in the door. The restaurant had an upscale, clean decor. Everything on the menu seemed appetizing. We were lucky enough to sit next to an Australian family on vacation together, so I was able to ask them what they thought of their meals and got recommendations on what we should try.

I had an excellent lentil burger with caramelized onions, vegan cheese, and mushrooms. I’m normally not a fan of mushrooms, but the combinations of the onions and cheese made this a party in my mouth. The meal came with a tasty side salad and fries as well.

Lentil burger

The hubs got a polenta and provence vegetables. The polenta had nice texture but was a little bland before seasoning with salt and pepper. The provence vegetables were simple but good, especially after a little seasoning.

Polenta and provence vegetables

We both decided to try their crepes, which looked amazing plated and we could get virtually any fruit available to fill them. I had a delicious banana and chocolate filled crepe. The hubs got a mixed berry crepe that had a lot of whipped cream inside and a fruit sauce on the outside. There was no fruit inside his crepe however.  The crepes were thicker than what we were used to and had too much whipped cream inside for our liking. But they both were very tasty and filling nonetheless.

Banana and chocolate crepe
Mixed berry and chocolate crepe

Beverage wise, we ordered an organic bottled lemonade that was sweetened with agave and a white grape juice, both of which were very delicious.

White grape juice

Overall, we really enjoyed the meal we had here and we return on any future visits to Paris.
We give rate this meal a 3 1/2 carrots out of 5 on the veganlicious scale.

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