Blueberry Polenta Cake

When I took the first few bites of this dessert at the Natural Kitchen Cooking School, I wasn’t impressed. I’m used to much sweeter desserts and typically don’t consider something a dessert if it doesn’t have chocolate infused somewhere. The more I ate though, the more I started to enjoy this different take on polenta. Usually I enjoy my polenta (aka “grits”) savory and usually as a breakfast item. This cornmeal was sweetened with apple juice and included blueberries and a brown rice syrup-based glaze. It was a complex mouth feel and would be enjoyed by those who do not prefer very sweet dishes. I thought this would also serve well as a breakfast or brunch item. Amazing!

When we made these in class, we served them in a large 9 inch tart pan. For my own home creation, I decided to use small ramekins and was pleased with the single serving amount. These would be adorable to serve to guests.

Blueberry Polenta Cake
Blueberry Polenta Cake
May 27 5
Inside shot

Overall, I’d rate this dish as 3 1/2 out of 5 carrots on the veganlicious scale! 3.5carrots

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  1. They look great Amber
    I made mine in a tart pan. A dessert even my non-vegan self could love!