Black bean & kale soft tacos

A friend recently asked me what I usually made for lunch. This got me to ponder what I actually eat (since most of the time I focus on making hearty meals for dinner). Most of the time I eat leftovers from dinner from the night before. I decided to start documenting the times though that I do find myself making an original lunch.

This meal was brought to fruition from some leftovers I had in the fridge (i.e. black beans & black olives), some of my staple convenience foods (whole wheat tortillas, Daiya cheese, Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, salsa), and some CSA food (kale).

It was very easy to make. I warmed a whole wheat tortilla in a skillet on the stove and added some Daiya cheese until it started to melt. I reheated some beans with chili powder and put them on the taco. Lastly I put some raw ripped kale leaves, sliced black olives, and some vegan sour cream and salsa on top. Voila! Instant, easy, and tasty!