My Top 5 Animal Rights Songs

I’ve been on an ardent search lately to find some cool animal rights songs to rock out to as I prepare these vegan meals I’ve been blogging about. There are some interesting top lists from other bloggers and animal advocacy groups out there if you do a search for them.

Here are some of my personal faves lately (not necessarily in this order though):

1. Meat is Murder by The Smiths. While I really didn’t get into The Smiths when they were at their height of fame (I was much more of a Cure fan), lately I’ve been exploring  their music more and more. I know that Morrissey can be a tool sometimes, but the power and passion in the lyrics of Meat is Murder is enough to bring a tear to thine eye. If you watch this concert footage from Spain in 1985 (and read the accompanying lyrics as well), it’s hard not to get chills down your spine.

2. Free Me by Goldfinger. Goldfinger has been known for their political activism, particularly with animal rights. They have several great songs to choose from regarding the defense of animals, but this one has permeated my mind the most. Warning: Graphic images. Lyrics can be read here.

3. Be Healthy by Dead Prez. While this song isn’t exactly talking about animal rights per say, it is promoting a healthy vegan diet. It has some catchy and humorous lyrics and has been played over and over and over again in my kitchen. It always puts me in the mood for lentil soup. Highly recommended! Check out a YouTube video that includes the lyrics at the bottom (warning: graphic language towards the end).

4. Nailing Descartes to the Wall/(Liquid) Meat is Still Murder by Propaghandi. Okay, okay, so when all the cool kids were listening to Propaghandi, I probably wasn’t. I was most likely listening to hair bands or depressing pre-emo music. This band is known for their anarchism and veganism and are pretty bad ass. This song is short and sweet, but gets the AR point across. Lyrics can be found here.

5. Ready to Fall by Rise Against. I have to say that I love this band. Every member is vegan, promotes animal rights,  and most (except one) are straight-edge. I remember being excited to find this gem on Guitar Hero. I have rocked out on it numerous times in the pretend band in my mind. While the lyrics don’t immediately lend themselves to an AR message, the video they made for this song has a strong AR and environmental message (warning: graphic images).

2 responses to “My Top 5 Animal Rights Songs”

  1. Oooh, the Smiths! I saw Morrissey in concert, and he was amazing. Love him. What a cool post. I, too, love most of those songs, and am checking out the two I hadn’t heard before. 🙂 I also love the lyrics to both “The Promise (The Dolphin Song)” and “Silent Ruin” by Olivia Newton-John; they have AR messages. The latter was originally written for and used in an anti-whaling documentary (“The Last Whale”). (She used to be vegan and has done a lot of work for animals.) Thanks for a great blog entry.