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  • Farewell Beloved Neo

    Farewell Beloved Neo

    This post is long overdue but I’ve been so overwhelmed with life, work, travel, and sorrow to put to words the loss of my dearly beloved tuxedo cat, Neo who we said good-bye in the beginning of May. Neo was our first cat together. In 2008, when we lived in NJ, I responded to an […]

  • My Top 5 Vegan/Animal Rights Documentaries

    Since it is the end of the year and so many are making “top 5” lists, I felt compelled to make a few myself, starting with my top five vegan and/or animal rights themed documentaries. Watching documentaries such as A Cow at My Table and Meet Your Meat made me go vegetarian 10 years ago […]

  • Respect Existence or Expect Resistance, Marineland

    On an overcast October 7th, 2012, hundreds of protesters descended upon Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario again for the closing day of the season. By now, dozens of news stories have been written around the world about Marineland and the atrocious conditions that the animals imprisoned there have to endure. They are barely surviving, and […]

  • Marineland

    “A dolphin’s smile is their greatest deception. It creates the illusion that they are always happy.” -Richard O’Barry I have been loosely following the Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D.) campaign since I met Dylan Powell of Vegan Police and many other righteous endeavors back at a conference in March. People have been protesting Marineland in Niagara […]

  • Le Speakeasy, Nice, France

    We recently were in France, visiting my husband’s family and sightseeing in the French Riviera and Paris. I was nervous about traveling to France, assuming I would be able to find little to eat vegan-wise. While I did mostly eat salad, cheese-less pizzas, baguettes, and vegan croissants, we were able to explore a few gems […]