Tag: animal rights

  • Veganize it! by John Sakars

    I met John Sakars earlier this year when he was on a leafleting tour in New York with Vegan Outreach. He stayed at my house along with two other amazing animal rights activists for 5 days. For those who don’t know John, he has a strong internet presence with his titillating, controversial, and more often […]

  • My Top 5 Animal Rights Songs

    I’ve been on an ardent search lately to find some cool animal rights songs to rock out to as I prepare these vegan meals I’ve been blogging about. There are some interesting top lists from other bloggers and animal advocacy groups out there if you do a search for them. Here are some of my […]

  • Horse-drawn Carriages

    I knew I was becoming more aware of animal rights and how I felt about animals being put in place for human use when I started to think more in-depth about horse-drawn carriages. When I lived in Philadelphia, I remember seeing rows and rows of horses lined up with buggies waiting for people to ride […]

  • Welcome to the Tuxedo Cat!

    I’ve been Facebooking, tweeting, and generally sharing my love for vegan food and animal rights for awhile now. People are always asking more details about the food I make or how to become vegetarian or vegan. My hope one day is to open a vegan bed and breakfast. I’ve been honing my vegan baking and […]