Chipotle Tofu Sandwich

Happy Vegan Month of Food! This is my second year participating in the world famous Vegan MoFo and I hope to keep up with my pace from last year (30 posts in 30 days), but am not sure with traveling and work that this will happen, but I’ll try my best!

I wanted to start off with a simple sandwich. Many new vegans struggle with coming up with easy meals, so this is a quick lunch meal that I put together based on ingredients I had on hand. I also used my new favorite condiment, Chipotle Vegenaise. I’ve used this spicy mayonnaise as a dipping sauce for fried green beans. It also works well as a dipping sauce for corn fritters, slathered on roasted corn on the cob, or anywhere  you want a creamy kick of flavor.

Chipotle Tofu Sandwich
2-3 slices of tofu
one small tomato, sliced
vegan bacon bits
Chipotle Vegenaise
2 small rolls (I used rye and pumpernickel)
olive oil

Heat a skillet and spray lightly with olive oil. Fry the slices of tofu until browned lightly on each side. Toast the rolls and slice in half. Slather the Chipotle Vegenaise on each roll and top with bacon bits, tofu slices, and tomato slices. Serve immediately with chips, lentil soup, pickle, or whatever you choose! This would be delightful with a couple of fresh basil leaves as well. Enjoy.

One response to “Chipotle Tofu Sandwich”

  1. I wish we had chipotle Vegenaise (or Vegenaise at all) here in Australia! This sandwich sounds like something I would love.