Vegan Folie’s, Paris, France

Finding vegan desserts anywhere, let alone in France, can be challenging at times. I was impressed to find an all vegan, organic bakery in Paris. Vegan Folie’s was located in the charming Mouffetard section of the city on a small, boutique-lined street. If we had more time during this visit, I would have loved to explore the area a bit longer.

The bakery was very small with only 3 bar stools and a small counter area for enjoying a quick bite.

There were the classic desserts: cookies, cupcakes, and cheesecake. There were even some savory cupcakes, such as The Lebanese (hummus and falafel) and Indian curry and peas. I wasn’t feeling too adventurous to try them and already had lunch, but they are worth checking out.

I wanted to try a little bit of everything, dessert-wise, so we partook in a classic chocolate chip cookie, the Sid Delicious (orange bloss0m) cupcake, and the Toffee Lee Jones (caramel and chocolate) cheesecake. The cookie was decent, but a little dry. Nothing spectacular. The orange cupcake was moist, but could have used more orange flavor. The caramel and chocolate cheesecake, was hands down, the best of the desserts. It was still a little crumbly, but it was creamy and rich in chocolate flavor.

Toffee Lee Jones caramel and chocolate cheesecake
Sid Delicious orange blossom cupcake

Caramel and chocolate cheesecake, orange blossom cupcake, and chocolate chip cookie

I bake a lot and have had some amazing vegan treats at many other U.S. establishments, so Vegan Folie’s did not blow me away. But it was a strong, earnest attempt at veganizing desserts and coming up with some original savory ones as well. I would return to try the savory cupcakes and more cheesecake in future visits to Paris.

Overall, we rated our desserts 2 1/2 carrots out of 5 on the veganlicious scale.