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  • Corn Chowder, Focaccia with Roasted Garlic, & Brussels Sprouts

    Getting an early start on completing my NCKS homework, I decided this windy, bitter cold night was as good as any for making the Corn Chowder and Focaccia with Roasted Garlic assignments. You don’t have to twist my arm though, as both of these recipes were phenomenal and who can turn down homemade focaccia? This […]

  • Creamy Parsnip-Vegetable Soup & Sauteed Spinach with Cashew Tamari Dressing

    It has been very cold here in upstate New York lately and this creamy soup from the Nava Atlas’ Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons certainly hit the spot. Inspired again from my homework assignment by the Natural Kitchen Cooking School to make at least one recipe from Nava Atlas’ book from our […]

  • Minestrone

    If you are looking for a healthy, low-cal soup favorite, this dish has what you need. I have never been on a diet in my life, nor have I ever been one to really count calories. Lately though I have been more cognizant of my calorie intake as I have been having difficulty fitting into […]

  • Ital Stew

    Every weekend at the Natural Kitchen Cooking School, we have a guest chef to bring something fun, new and creative to the mix. During our January weekend, we had the pleasure of having NKCS graduate Nancy Street, of Hummingbird’s Kitchen, create fabulous Jamaican dishes for us. I was impressed and tantalized by her Ital Stew, […]

  • Beet Burgers

    One of the many exciting things we get in our goodie bags during our monthly cooking classes at the NKCS is a vegan cookbook. Our most recent surprise to go along with “The World of Beans” weekend was a book I have never heard of before called Meatless Burgers by Louise Hagler. I enjoy Hagler’s […]