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  • Le Speakeasy, Nice, France

    We recently were in France, visiting my husband’s family and sightseeing in the French Riviera and Paris. I was nervous about traveling to France, assuming I would be able to find little to eat vegan-wise. While I did mostly eat salad, cheese-less pizzas, baguettes, and vegan croissants, we were able to explore a few gems […]

  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie Waffles

    I recently made these yummy waffles to test out a new recipe in an upcoming cookbook by Kelly Peloza. The directions were easy to follow and if you are a fan of fruity waffles, this one is for you! The only downside was the waffles were a bit heavy (esp. for a summer breakfast), but […]

  • Bashful Banana Bakery & Cafe Review, Ocean City, NJ

    As the quintessential Jersey-girl-at-heart (“You talkin’ to me?!”), I cannot let a trip back to Jersey pass without hitting up the Jersey Shore (and no, not the one from the show). My favorite Jersey beach is Ocean City. I’ve spent countless hours walking the boardwalk, vacationing, and even working there through the years. It is […]

  • Peanut Butter Cup Banana Smoothie Muffins

    I recently tested a new recipe for Kelly Peloza’s upcoming cookbook (which is centered around drink-inspired foods!) for Peanut Butter Cup Banana Smoothie Muffins. Let me just say that these things barely made it out of my kitchen for my hubby to bring to work! The kitchen filled with the aroma somewhere between banana bread […]