Culture Shock Review – Ithaca, NY

After coming off the proverbial high from just watching May I Be Frank at the local theater last night, we went to a newish restaurant nearby called Culture Shock.

I’ve been to Culture Shock many times before. I’m in love with their kombucha on tap and some nights go to sleep dreaming about it. Culture Shock is the closest thing we have to a vegan restaurant right now in Ithaca (as all of the others have closed down for the time being). They also feature bands some nights and even have a ball pen for the kids or kids-at-heart!

Culture Shock’s menu is simple, but different. They serve 4 different frozen yogurts with many toppings that change regularly (2 vegan and 2 non-vegan), local Emmy’s Organics desserts, an abundance of delicious salads, soup on occasion, kombucha on tap, and now spirits (they recently got their liquor license). Their whole menu is also gluten-free to boot.

Last night I was intrigued by their latest drink:  sangria made with kombucha. Equally interesting and worthy of my appetite was their peanut butter chocolate vegan soft serve frozen yogurt. I should not have done it, but I really, really wanted both. I did get both, but have to admit it was not a match made in heaven. Wine and soft serve were not a pair this evening.

The kombucha sangria was also made with white wine, which was good, but not quite up to par with the red wine sangria that I usually partake in. The peanut butter chocolate soft serve instantly stole the show though. It was the perfect consistency, creamy, delicious and a bit more chocolate than peanut butter (which is my preference anyway).

Overall, I give this trip a 4 out of 5 carrots on the veganlicious scale.

Be sure to join us for the second Ithaca Vegan Drinks on Thursday, August 11th at 7pm at Culture Shock!

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