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  • Saveurs Végét’Halles, Paris, France

    For our anniversary dinner in Paris, I wanted try Saveurs Végét’Halles, a vegetarian, mostly vegan restaurant based on some good reviews I read in online forums and websites like Happy Cow. We were able to get seated right away at the dinner hour and appreciated the nice, simple decorum and clean bathrooms (I know it […]

  • Le Speakeasy, Nice, France

    We recently were in France, visiting my husband’s family and sightseeing in the French Riviera and Paris. I was nervous about traveling to France, assuming I would be able to find little to eat vegan-wise. While I did mostly eat salad, cheese-less pizzas, baguettes, and vegan croissants, we were able to explore a few gems […]

  • Whiskey Sour Cupcakes

    Another cupcake testing, another success! Here is the latest cupcake creation we tested for Kelly Peloza‘s upcoming dessert cookbook. This cupcake was moist, delicious, and buttery. It had a nice blend of lemon with hints of whiskey. For whiskey aficionados more could have been added, but for me the current level was fine. It was […]

  • A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

    This post is a little late, but I wanted to get it out there so people know what vegans (0r anyone else for that matter) may choose to eat instead of participating in the yearly turkey massacre on Thanksgiving. Below are the dishes I shared with some awesome vegan friends and my omni husband this […]