Vegan Corn Dogs

I have been craving vegan corn dogs for quite some time. The last time one touched my lips was in July 2010 during a 6 hour layover in Portland, OR at Hungry Tiger Too. So, so good. Watching Portlandia now, but I digress.

I’m discovering that All American Vegan by Jennifer and Nathan Winograd is the ultimate vegan comfort food cookbook! Their corn dog recipe hit the spot. The only issue was that I used corn flour instead of the corn meal that the recipe called for, so the the batter was much thicker than I expected. Even one corn dog was quite filling, although I had to go for the gusto and eat two. I used Worthington’s Loma Linda Linkettes (the best vegan hot dogs in my opinion) and wrapped the dough around them and fried them to perfection! Even though they were cooked in oil, they did not come out greasy and were quite crispy on the outside. Imagine, a tasty hot dog surrounded by the goodness of cornbread.

To offset the carnival-caloric feel of the corn dogs, I included a side of steamed broccoli with lemon pepper and sweet potato tots!

The money shot!

Overall, I’d rate this version 4 out of 5 carrots on the veganlicious scale!