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  • Vegan Pigs in a Blanket

    Wanting to spice up a pancake breakfast, I decided to make the vegan version of “pigs in a blanket.” Just calling it that makes me cringe slightly and it reminds me of the absurdities in our meat culture that the good folks over at Suicide Food have documented through the years. However, going with the […]

  • Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes

    Around this time a year or two ago, I made some fabulous Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes with inspiration from this recipe from the not martha website. To veganize the pancakes, I substituted vegan butter and used either EnerG Egg Replacer or 1 smashed banana to replace the egg. They were fantastic and fun to eat! Overall, […]

  • Perfect Pancakes & Swiss Chard Frittata

    The last two weekends we’ve had awesome vegan activist friends visiting us from out of town. One of my friends, Victor Sjodin, who works for Vegan Outreach, just got his website up where you can purchase UnFuck the World: Go Vegan t-shirts! Check it out. To fill their bellies and satisfy their palates, I wanted […]