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  • Fettuccine with Pea Pesto, Shiitake Bacon & Cashew Parmesan

    One of my favorite meals to date since I have been attending the Natural Kitchen Cooking School has been this one. I do not eat nearly as much pasta as I used to back in my college days. Many weeks can go by when I don’t touch the stuff at all since my palate has […]

  • Creamy Parsnip-Vegetable Soup & Sauteed Spinach with Cashew Tamari Dressing

    It has been very cold here in upstate New York lately and this creamy soup from the Nava Atlas’ Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons certainly hit the spot. Inspired again from my homework assignment by the Natural Kitchen Cooking School to make at least one recipe from Nava Atlas’ book from our […]

  • Popcorn Tofu Hoagie

    On a trip to Austin, Texas last year I was blown away by the well-known and beloved Popcorn Tofu Po’Boy from Wheatsville Co-op. For Valentine’s Day this here, Mr. Tuxedo Cat decided to re-create the sandwich for our dinner from the original Wheatsville recipe which can be found in Sunny Days in Texas (a vegan cookzine […]